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Our mission is to create a space, where Agile mindset people can deep their

knowledge, share experience and just hang out together

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Agile Space is a platform for Agile believers, who unite to create a regular space for meetings, collaboration and learning for like-minded people in Ukraine, Macedonia, and Poland.

Besides meetups and lectures Agile Space provides trainings, unconferences, workshops, and certified classes conducted by a Trainer from Europe approved by Scrum Alliance.

Might you be curious about agile events and opportunities in Lviv, please follow our news. Might you be interested to meet with other agile lovers and/or practitioners from Lviv and beyond, please join our meetings. Might you be motivated to learn and develop, please sign up for training and unconferences.

Why so special?

“If you want your organization to work in an Agile way, it is not enough to train people and implement the processes. The most important thing is – to change the culture. For this to happen, it is important that everybody feels passion for it.”
Theo Schnitfink CEO, Symphony Solutions
“To respond to change quickly and confidently, deliver value faster than the competitor and build high-quality products requested by your customer, you need to put agile development in the center of your organization.”
Kseniya KobrynAgile Coach, Symphony Solutions. Initiator of Agile platform Agile Space
“Scrum is Not the Point. Agile is! Achieving a true understanding of agile (or lean) principles better equips any organization for creating a robust and successful end-to-end value stream for their product development.”
Geir AmsjoCoach and trainer, Lean Venture

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