Certified ScrumMaster Training in Lviv, October 2017

Agile Space is tireless in conducting Agile oriented events in Lviv. Last weekend, on November 20-21, the platform Agile Space held Certified ScrumMaster Training by Scrum Alliance.

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The event is designed to provide future ScrumMasters with all essential tools, practice, and knowledge to instigate the Scrum process within their teams and efficiently use all framework benefits.

The class was taught by Geir Amsjø and Kseniya Kobryn. Geir Amsjø is the first Certified Scrum Trainer from Norway approved by Scrum Alliance. He was invited by Agile Space to run the class for the third time. Kseniya Kobryn is a founder of platform Agile Space, an Agile coach, Certified Scrum Professional and SAFe Program Consultant.

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At the beginning of the class, Geir Amsjø explained the difference between Agile mindset and Scrum framework, which is often a confusing topic even for people who are already familiar with the framework.

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During the class, the participants learned about the responsibilities each part of the Scrum team should embrace, the connections between team members, the importance of effective collaboration, and practical ways for improvement.

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The class was full of practical exercises and off-hands examples. During his career as a trainer, Geir Amsjø has certified more than 1,500 Certified ScrumMasters and Certified Scrum Product Owners around the world. His real-life experiences, case studies, and scenarios helped participants to be deeply engaged in Scrum. In order to polish the gained knowledge and learn from other people’s experience, a great share of the class agenda was dedicated to working in groups.

At the end of the class, all participants got access to test passing which designated them as Certified ScrumMasters by Scrum Alliance.

Geir Amsjø:

“I found the participants quite eager to learn. The event itself was well-organized and I liked it very much. As usual, to be honest.”

Kseniya Kobryn admitted participants’ enthusiasm and willingness to learn:

“One more group took part in our Certification for Scrum Masters by Scrum Alliance. Guys were enthusiastic and initiative. It was a great pleasure to spend these two days and share Agile values with these lovely people. More Scrum practitioners and Agile leaders gain new knowledge and grow.”

Jasmina Buhova, a class participant, Symphony Solutions:

“I would recommend Certified Scrum Master class not only to people working as Scrum Masters but also to those who want to practice Agile and Scrum in organizing their work. CSM trainer Geir Amsjø covered the necessary theoretical part of the course, but in addition, through team exercises, showed Scrum team collaboration in action, and extended the overall knowledge takeaway through the practical exercises. Kseniya Kobryn gave additional dynamics and enthusiasm to the overall experience.”

Ivana Goriachko, a class participant, Symphony Solutions:

“The second day of the class definitely was my favorite. I learned new things about time boxes, sprint refinements, and scaling. These things were really interesting and worth knowing.”