Unconference "Day of collaboration and innovation"

  • Tired of agendas and conferences that are unengaging and pre-planned?
  • Looking for new ways to meet Agile-inspired people, share ideas, discuss relevant issues and see your questions answered?

Jump into Agile Space for half a day of collaboration and brainstorming at our Unconferences!

On November 5 Agile Space conducted its first Unconference “Day of collaboration and innovation”. The event was held at Symphony Solutions.

Unconference was designed to bring people together interested in Agile, Scrum and Kanban to provide space where they can communicate, share knowledge, tackle interesting questions and find answers for them.

Unconference ran an open space format, so all participants were able to contribute and create content according to their experience and needs.

Besides work, Unconference was full of fun and surprises. Attendees were able to win useful prizes like Planning Poker cards, Kanban boards, T-shirts and set of stickers from Agile Space.

We sincerely hope that all participants could take full advantage from the unconference. More events from Agile Space are coming soon, so follow our news and be Agile!

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