Agile Dojo – A community that helps people improve their skills

In Japanese, based on their philosophy of places of learning, Dojo literally means “place of the way”. It is a physical training facility for practitioners of martial arts which creates a learning environment that instills discipline and skills for students who wish to master a craft.

“Agile Dojo was designed to be a hub for learning and a place for the free exchange of ideas for Agile professionals around the world”

~Agile Business Consortium

Inspired by the philosophy of the Japanese Dojo, and knowing that the cornerstone of Agile principles and practices lies in the strength of the community and the exchange of knowledge and experience, we created Agile Dojo. The event unites Agile believers and practitioners, regardless of their knowledge and experience, into a similar immersive learning environment where they can practice the Agile, Lean and Scrum practices and mindsets, and under the guidance of experienced Agile coaches, work with teams to learn and refine their Agile craft in a dedicated space. By organizing these events, we enable the community to regularly meet and grow stronger, improve their success with Agile and offer support to others.

In the Dojo, everyone is equal, and there is no difference between experienced and inexperienced Agile practitioners. Everyone can learn from one another. Those who are just starting their journey in Agile can learn from the experienced practitioners and professionals, while the experienced professionals can learn from the fresh perspective of the those just starting. Each individual is respected for their knowledge and contribution, and encouraged to participate in discussions, problem solving tasks and solution creation activities.

At the Agile Dojo Events

Agile Dojo is event created for and driven by the community of Agile professionals. Because our participants have different levels of knowledge and experience, our goal is to make the events suitable for everyone.

Every meeting is focused on a different topic, and all activities are structured to help participants get better knowledge and understanding of the subject. The meeting is separated in two parts – a short theoretical part where the topic is introduced and briefly explained by our Agile Coach and an interactive part, where participants are encouraged to work in small groups of 5-6 people on solving various tasks and problems.

At the end of the event, participants can take a short informal test that will help them check their level of knowledge. Additionally, they can win discounts for our certification courses or even free participation.

Want to Become a Part of the Agile Community?

Agile Dojo events are open for everyone. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge and experience with Agile. Our Dojo welcomes all professionals and practitioner, and even those who are just learning about Agile and want to find our more.

We regularly organize Agile Dojo events in one of three locations – Lviv, Ukraine; Krakow, Poland; and Skopje, Macedonia. Each time we have an upcoming event, we announce it on our website and also post it on social media.

Additionally, you can sign up and receive notifications about upcoming Agile Space evens directly in your email inbox.