IC Agile Certified Professional (ICP)

A successful agile journey for teams and companies begins with understanding the agile fundamentals, and focusing on ‘being agile’ as a foundation for success in ‘doing agile’.

Understanding the Agile Fundamentals

The ICP certification training provides the fundamental knowledge about the history of Agile, the Agile Manifesto, the Agile principles, and explain the key concepts. It explains what does it mean to be agile and how to achieve organizational agility without singling out a specific agile methodology or framework.

During the two-day ICP training course, participants will learn and understand:

  • what it means to be and do agile
  • which are key aspects of a value-driven environment
  • which are and how to use the best adaptive planning techniques
  • how to nurture and improve collaboration within the organization and in teams
  • how to nurture better communication and collaboration with clients

Additionally, participants will get familiarized with the basic agile terminology and vocabulary which will allow them to discuss agile-related topics with fellow agile practitioners such as benefits of agile and how to avoid common difficulties. Upon earning the ICAgile Certified Professional certification, the students should understand the value of continuous feedback and learning, and adaptation for products, processes, teams, and organizations.

Gaining Applicable Knowledge

The combination of theory and interactive learning throughout the course will teach participants the basic Agile approaches. Moreover, participants will perform several exercises based on real examples and situations to better understand how Agile theory, concepts, principles, roles, and responsibilities function in practice, and how to successfully implement them in the real world.

Jumpstart Your Agile Career

The IPC certification is the first step towards attaining advanced agile certification. Begin your Agile career today by earning your basic agile certification – ICAgile Certified Professional and be the instigator of an Agile transformation in your team and organization.

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