SAFe Certified Product Owner/Project Manager with PO/PM Certification

Ensuring Agile success at enterprise level relies heavy on Agile Leaders, Product Owners and Product managers who fully understand their role and responsibilities. Additionally, they need to ensure the enterprise has maximum ROI and is going through measurable improvements.

Preparing for The Role of a Product Owner in a SAFe Enterprise

The main goal of the SAFe Product Owner certification training is to prepare participants to perform the main responsibilities of a Product Owner:

  • ensure proper Program Increment planning
  • project iteration
  • program execution
  • adaptation when the team faces difficulties and changes

Participants in the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager course will gain in-depth understanding of the Agile Release Train, how it delivers value for the whole organization. They will be able to define the Product Owner/Product Manager roles and responsibilities in the organization and what they can do to perform their role effectively.

Potential PO/PM participants should learn how to:

  • apply SAFe in a Lean enterprise
  • relate the Lean-Agile mindset wit the roles of the Product Owner and Product Manages
  • collaborate with Lean Portfolio Management
  • successfully execute the Program Increment and deliver continuous value
  • create a Product Owner/Product Manager action plan

Learning Through Practice

To help participants better understand the role of a SAFe Product Owner in a Lean enterprise, participants will also work on practical examples and exercises where they will need to apply Lean-thinking to write epics, break them down into Stories and Features, then, plan and execute full Iterations, and plan separate Program Increments.

These exercises aim to teach participants about the Continuous Delivery Pipeline and DevOps culture, but more importantly, how they, as Product Owners and Product Managers can participate and what they can do to improve the Agile Release Train.

Become the Channel Between Clients and Organizations

Working as a Product Owner/Product Manager requires constant communication with clients, identifying their needs, then, translating those needs into product requirements for the team.

Take part in the SAFe Certified Product Owner/Product Manager course, and learn how to a better and more effective communicator and instigator that rides the Agile Release Train.

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