Certified ScrumMaster Class, Mar. 2017

Agile Space has successfully conducted its second ScrumMaster Class by Scrum Alliance. Just as the first one it gained interest among Agile people in Lviv. Scrum is a great way to organize a teamwork in an efficient, interesting and even fun way.

On March 8-9 Agile Space conducted its second Certified ScrumMaster Class by Scrum Alliance. The class was taught by Geir Amsjø, the first Certified Scrum Trainer from Norway approved by Scrum Alliance. It was also the second time Agile Space has invited Geir Amsjø to share his knowledge and deep understanding of Agile as a mindset and Scrum as one of its tools.

The main aim of the class was to explain its participants the fundamentals of Scrum and its implementation in the real projects.

A great share of activities was dedicated to relationships in the team, and responsibilities each member of the Scrum process needs to hold.

At the end of the class, all attendees became members of Scrum Alliance and got access for passing the test which designates them as Certified ScrumMasters by Scrum Alliance.


Another CSM Class will take place in a few months.
If you are interested, please leave your email address and we will inform you about registration’s start.