Agile Dojo: Hell's Kitchen of Facilitation!

Welcome to the Hell’s Kitchen of Facilitation!

If you’ve been cooking up various meetings recently, you may have noticed that the outcome often depends on the ingredients. In this theoretical and practical training, we will explore the art of facilitation, aiming to make your meetings more delicious! 

Who might be interested:

  • Anyone interested in facilitation. 
  • Project Managers, Scrum Masters, and Agile Coaches who want to deep dive into modern facilitation techniques.   
  • Everyone who wants to organise more goal-oriented and result-oriented meetings.


  • Definition and overview of facilitation. 
  • Best practices from our facilitation cook book. 
  • Difference among facilitator, mediator, moderator, etc   
  • Engaging in practical exercises to cook up a successful meeting. 
  • Summarizing the recipe for good facilitation. 


Kateryna Motko – Senior Scrum Master at Symphony Solutions, A-CSM, and CSPO. 

Let’s improve your facilitation skills and create a feast of effective meetings together! 

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