Agile Dojo: Kanban Drinks

Come and join Agile Dojo: Kanban Drinks

Kanban Drinks event is just the place for everyone who wants to see Kanban Method in action. Playing the game gives you the exceptional experience of understanding and focusing on customer needs and expectations, managing the work, letting people self-organize around it, and regularly review policies to improve outcomes.  

That’s why we use games and simulations in all our events.  

We aren’t going to teach you the basics of Kanban or bore you with long lectures. Instead, we’ll get all the participants to dive right into our fictional world based on true-to-reality cases, with interesting tasks, constant improvement of a flow, and, above all, teamwork.

Create your own unique learning experience. What you gain from it depends on your contribution and perception.  

Who might be interested:

  • Anyone interested in understanding the key concepts of Kanban Method  
  • Scrum Masters who want to learn how flow, flow metrics and other Kanban practices  
  • Project Managers who are interested in learning how Kanban practices can help them, and their teams to improve  
  • Team & Tech Leads who want to adopt the Kanban technique in their practice to increase efficiency and team collaboration.  


  • Practices of the Kanban Method  
  • WIP Limits and Pull  
  • Useful Kanban Metrics, Success in numbers  
  • Teamwork and dynamics  
  • Kanban process simulation 

At the end of the workshop, the participants will:

  • Experience building a Kanban method based on the created processes similar to real-life projects.  
  • Understand that the Kanban Method is applied with its principles and practices on top of an existing flow of work and way of working.  
  • Learn to self-organize and adapt.  
  • Have fun!  


Kateryna Idiartova Senior Scrum Master at Symphony Solutions, PMP, SAFe-certified PO/PM, and SAFe SM.   

Mykola Rudyk, Scrum Master at Siemens AG (Switzerland), SAFe-certified SM, PSM2.

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