Agile Fundamentals Training

Agile Fundamentals Training

General Overview

The Agile Fundamentals course gives a clear understanding of the Agile mindset, values, principles and foundational concepts.

Attending this course prepares you to get Agile Fundamentals certification, which is accredited by the worldwide known organization ICAgile.

Agile Fundamentals course has been designed to provide individuals and teams with the knowledge to transition from traditional plan-driven project methodologies to change-driven methodologies using agile principles, frameworks and tools. This course teaches the mindset, tools and techniques that individuals need to be productive members of a business that’s adopting agile ways of working.

During this course, you will also gain a solid understanding of the two fundamental Agile instruments, Scrum and Kanban. You will also learn how to foster collaboration across your team and your broader organization and why long-term planning can still be beneficial an agile environment and how to do so effectively.

Topics covered

History of Agile
LEAN approach
Iterative and incremental product development
Kanban in details
Full review and simulation of the Scrum framework
Primary Roles
The structure and principles of forming teams and their interaction
Instruments and artifacts in Scrum
XP practices
Main Scrum activities
Relative benchmarking in story points
Writing tasks in User Stories format
Review and digitalization of the full product development cycle
Introduction to basic tools for scaling Lean-Agile in large organizations (LeSS, SAFe etc)

Who will benefit

Managers and leaders of the new generation and format
Managers, team members, scrum masters, agents of change, coaches
For analysts, designers, marketing engineers, recruiters
Everyone who is interested in building a healthy and effective system for your project or organization
In this two-day course, you will get practical experience through a range of examples from different teams and forms of organization. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive instant feedback from your trainer.

Training providers may tailor course delivery for specific audiences and career levels, while still ensuring coverage of all learning outcomes.

After completing this course, you’ll have the skills needed to help your organization transcend any single agile methodology and to create positive and sustainable change for everyone involved. Participants will also have gained the vocabulary to discuss the benefits of agile approaches and how to avoid common pitfalls with fellow agile practitioners.

It is not necessary for participants to have any prior experience with agile methodologies.

What you get

  • ICAgile Certified Professional certificate from the International Consortium for Agile
  • A digital badge to promote your accomplishment online
  • Know which Agile instrument works best for you and your organization
  • Know how to apply your knowledge in your working environment

Perks and benefits

Two days of high-quality instruction from certified trainers
ICAgile Certified Professional certificate from the International Consortium for Agile
After-course instructor coaching benefit
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