Agile Dojo #28: Scrum Pizza

Welcome to Agile Dojo # 28: Scrum Pizza!

Scrum Pizza is a platform for everyone who wants to experience SCRUM processes in practice. Playing the game, you will get an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to work in a SCRUM team. That’s why we use games and simulations at our events.

We will not teach you basics of scrum or go into tiring lectures and presentations but will immerse participants into the imaginary world with close to reality business case, challenging tasks, tough deadlines and the most important real Scrum teams. 

You will become co-creators of your own learning experience and take away will depend only on your personal input and attitude. 

The event might be relevant for:

  • Project Managers who want to understand Agile principles when leading projects. 
  • Team members who want to use Scrum in their teams.
  • Scrum Masters who are already involved in projects with Scrum.
  • Everybody who is interested in Scrum and wants to be the agent of changes when incorporating agile iterative. approaches toward development.
  • Everybody who wants to be productive when using Scrum framework.

The core topics of the workshop are:   

  • Overview of Scrum Framework  
  • Roles, Ceremonies and Artefacts   
  • User stories mapping 
  • Collaboration with PO 
  • Insights to SM role 
  • Product vision and value delivery 
  • Team dynamics 
  • Simulation of Scrum process 

By the end of the training: 

You will be able to efficiently work using Scrum, plan, execute and review sprints. Also, you will become faithful Scrum believer spreading Agile Principles and Values within your Team and Organization.  


Olesia Prots – Head of Agile Office at Symphony Solutions.
Andriy Romanukha  – Agile Coach/Scrum Master at Symphony Solutions. 
Katya Idiartova – Project Coordinator/ Scrum Master at Symphony Solutions.