Agile Dojo: Stakeholderflix

Stakeholderflix: A Blockbuster Approach to Stakeholder Management 🎬

We believe in turning the ordinary into extraordinary. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to a unique and immersive dojo that will improve the way you approach stakeholder management.

Who might be interested:

  • Professionals who are looking to enhance their stakeholder management skills.
  • Leads who are keen on connecting with experts in the field and get exclusive opportunity to level up their stakeholder management game.
  • Anyone enchanted by the world of movies and keen on mastering stakeholder dynamics in an exciting, interactive way!


  • Building Your Cast of Characters: Identify key stakeholders and their roles in your stakeholder journey.
  • Crafting a Blockbuster Plot: Develop a strategic plan to achieve your stakeholder engagement goals.
  • Navigating Plot Twists: Understand how to adapt and respond to changing stakeholder dynamics.


Kateryna Idiartova – Service Delivery Manager at Symphony Solutions.
Mykola Rudyk – Scrum Master/ Agile Coach at mimacom AG.

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