On June 16-17, Agile Space held Leading SAFe 4.0 with SA certification by Scaled Agile. It was the first time we conducted an event dedicated to leading Agile scaled projects.


Trainers Kseniya Kobryn (UA) and Patrick Pronk (UK) introduced participants to Agile-Lean principles and taught them the basis of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).


During the class participants learned how to implement an Agile Release Train (ART), experienced PI planning, and got familiar with building an Agile portfolio. Knowledge gained from the class will help the attendants to lead scaled projects in Agile fashion and guide their enterprises on their way to Agile transformation.


The event gathered 21 participants. The agenda included many practical activities and exercises. Gamification methods help participants to understand and adopt complex knowledge in an easy and fun way.

As stated Patrick Pronk: “Twenty-one participants was the right level. A bit less or more is still good; too few and exercises are less effective as it involves how to act as team-of-teams; too many and people don’t have time to ask questions anymore”.


In the end of the class, all present got the access to the test, passing which designated them as Сertified SAFe 4.0 Agilist(SA) by Scaled Agile.



Patrick Pronk
, trainer:

“From a trainers’ perspective I really appreciated the time and effort spent in preparations. The promotion material, goodies, flyers and certificate of participation gave the course not only the correct attention it deserved but even a special personal touch to it. It was both a course and a happening, like –You should have been there!”

Julia Korytko, class participant, DataArt:

“That was great: interesting materials and exercises, experienced tutors who shared their real life experience of using SAFe, useful tips for starting SAFe in our projects. Thank you to organizers of the event for a very warm welcome and for the fact each detail was prepared in advance with a high-quality level.”

Dmytro Kalenykh, class participant, SoftServe:

“I really enjoyed taking part in SAFe 4.0 training. In my opinion, SAFe 4.0 framework is a perfect way to scale agile mindset on the enterprise level. I should also notice that the training was organized on a very high level with highly professional trainers, warm atmosphere, and friendly people.”