We are happy to share with you the details of our debut events in Krakow. First of all, we would like to thank all our participants for their keen interest and initiative. They made this event really special and inspired us to continue our work in Krakow!

On November 17, Agile Space held Agile Dojo in Krakow. During the event, participants were divided into small Scrum teams. The idea is to mix experienced Agile practitioners with amateurs. This approach and Agile Topics Cards help people, who are new to Agile, extend their knowledge, while experts can gain some new experience.

After this workshop, everyone was invited to take an interactive test Kahoot, where the winners got discounts on the upcoming Agile Space events in Krakow, and afterwards to a cozy afterparty.

Agile Dojo followed Scrum Basics Class which took place on November 18. Even though it was the weekend, we got a class full of participants!


Kseniya Kobryn, our trainer, explained the origins of Agile, why it is often confused with Scrum and how to differentiate these terms. Participants learned the basic principles of the Scrum framework and how they can be efficiently applied almost in any environment. Kseniya Kobryn introduced them to the main roles of Scrum and their responsibilities.


The class was full of interactive activities. So, everybody had an opportunity to try planning, executing reviewing sprints and estimating tasks.


We would like to thank our main sponsor – Symphony Solutions, which has just launched its new office in Krakow and invites everyone who is passionate about Agile to check open vacancies in Krakow and take part in the referral program “Bali Hunting”.