On July 28, Agile Space held the Scrum Basics Class in Lviv delivered by our Agile coach Kseniya Kobryn.

Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban…there is a lot of buzz around this words lately but not everybody understands their real essence. The main aim of the class was to introduce the participants to Agile as a mindset, Scrum, and Kanban as its frameworks. The agenda was designed to teach the audience to differentiate these terms and to apply them effectively in their daily activities.


During the course, participants learned the history and origins of Agile and got introduced to the Scrum framework. The biggest share of the class content was dedicated to Scrum and its basic rules which can make it work in almost any environment. The class explained the roles in Scrum and responsibilities each of the involved party should take.


All the attendants got a chance to practice planning, executing and reviewing sprints in a safe environment. Gamification activities were in the heart of the class, so participants were able to test their new skills in exercises which simulated the real cases.


Iryna Gavryliuk, class participant, Symphony Solutions:

“The training was immensely exciting, informative and very useful. I was amazed how much value Scrum can bring to projects,make collaboration and communication within a team much more efficient. And what I lack most is when a team strives for a common goal – when we all win or lose together. I will always remember that victory is not possible without collaboration and trust”