On March 8-9, Agile Space conducted its second Certified ScrumMaster Class by Scrum Alliance. It was taught by Geir Amsjø, the first Certified Scrum Trainer from Norway approved by Scrum Alliance. It was also the second time Agile Space has invited Geir Amsjø to share his knowledge and deep understanding of Agile as a mindset and Scrum as one of its tools.


The main aim was providing a deeper understanding to its participants about the fundamentals of Scrum and its implementation in real projects.

During the class, Geir Amsjø highlighted that it is impossible to only implement Scrum into an engineering process. He emphasized that for really impressive results all people engaged in the incremental delivery of every single iteration must be involved in the Scrum process. Moreover, they need to understand its principles and follow them.

Thus, a great share of activities was dedicated to relationships within a team and responsibilities each member of the Scrum process needs to hold. The class was interactive. The participants were able to work through case studies and live examples to deep their practical skills. Everybody was welcome to share their own experience and obstacles they have faced while working with Scrum. This attitude combined with work in groups created a warm environment, which encouraged a share of bugging issues and how to work them out.


Geir Amsjø also praised such attitude:

“I found the students very interested and stimulated to work with. Some of them had a lot of experience already which is good”.

At the end of the class, all attendees became members of the Scrum Alliance and got access for passing the test which designates them as Certified ScrumMasters by the Scrum Alliance.

Anna Aleksyeyeva, class participant, Symphony Solutions:

I’d like to say great thanks to the organizers, because having such training in our city is really cool. The class is certainly worth attending. It is a place where you can meet new personalities, discuss different themes, ask questions and receive answers. The class gives you an opportunity to share your experience and learn from others”.

Khrystyna Romanko, class participant, CoreValue:

“I really enjoyed the event. It was very well organized and coordinated with opportunity to network and learn from each other.This was my first Scrum training so I was excited about the idea of meeting Geir Amsjø and other participants.

From the start of the master class right to the last minute, all my expectations were met. It was a great experience. I think working in groups on different Scrum activities and real-life case studies is one of the most useful parts of the class. It is also important that we learned how to live the Agile values, be a servant leader and stick to the Scrum process while keeping an eye on continuous improvement.”